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Jolyon Collier - Counting Coral

November 21, 2022 Matt Waters / Jolyon Collier Season 3 Episode 15
The Scuba GOAT Podcast
Jolyon Collier - Counting Coral
Show Notes

Jolyon Collier, the visionary behind Counting Coral, has forged a unique path that intertwines conservation, art, and business acumen. As the founder of this groundbreaking not-for-profit organization, Jolyon is on a mission to bridge the gap between various stakeholders including conservationists, artists, corporations, tourists, and local communities, all united in the cause of preserving our precious coral reefs.

His journey began in the world of business, where he achieved remarkable success in the construction industry, amassing wealth and recognition. However, his true passion lay beneath the ocean's surface. Starting as a surfer, Jolyon's exploration led him to become a videographer and eventually a diver, all the while nurturing his love for the sea.

Venturing to Fiji with surfboard and camera in hand, Jolyon found himself captivated by more than just the waves. The allure of the reefs drew him in, sparking a fascination that would shape the course of his life. It was during an adventurous dive off the coast of Malibu that Jolyon had a humorous yet fateful introduction to the underwater world, igniting a passion that has since defined his existence.

Despite his flourishing career in construction, Jolyon's heart remained with the reefs. Eventually, he embraced an early retirement, redirecting his focus to the conservation of these vital ecosystems. Thus, Counting Coral was born.

At the forefront of Counting Coral's initiatives is the development of Sculptural Coral Banks, an innovative approach to coral restoration and growth. These structures not only provide support for coral propagation but also serve as stunning artistic installations. Carefully selected corals from local reefs are nurtured on these sculptures before being reintroduced to their natural habitats, ensuring sustainability and biodiversity.

Led by Jolyon and his team of dedicated scientists, divers, and conservationists, Counting Coral actively installs these sculptures and oversees the coral propagation process. Beyond conservation efforts, the initiative has significant economic and social impacts. Partnering with local resorts, Counting Coral creates new tourist attractions while promoting environmental awareness and eco-friendly practices.

Moreover, these structures contribute to scientific research by providing a platform for studying coral ecosystems and supporting endangered species. Through meticulous identification and documentation, Jolyon's team has even discovered potentially new coral species, expanding our understanding of marine biodiversity.

In essence, Counting Coral is not just a conservation organization; it's a beacon of hope for our oc

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